Television.. all I have ever done and all I have ever wanted to do. 

  • I'm a reliable, friendly and dedicated TV Producer and Director who has worked in observational documentary,  factual, factual                        entertainment, medical, lifestyle, children’s and daytime formats with proven skills in research through to directing and through to                scripting and edit producing.

  • I've made programmes for Channel 4ITVDiscovery, Sky and the BBC. 

  • Talking to people and finding out all about them is what I love most about making telly. I have excellent people-finding and casting               skills and have an extensive & diverse range of contacts. I've built good relationships with well-known presenters and contributors from         all walks of life and secured sensitive access. You have to think very quickly in this game and befriending people on the most limited             knowledge is key to getting the best out of them. 

  • As a natural born problem-solver, I have an inquisitive mind and always need to know why. This translates well in programme-making,         whether it's thinking about where a story will lead to in the edit or what may be needed from an upcoming shoot. 

  • I have wide-ranging location and foreign filming experience both with crews and as a self-shooter in countries such     
       as IndiaMontenegro and the USA and in places such as Sexual Health clinics and strip clubs!

  • I've been a freelance Director for Shoot It Yourself wedding videos (as seen on BBC’s Dragon’s Den) and have shot several videos having       never met the happy couple previously. Becoming the bride's best friend in a matter of minutes on the morning of her happiest day has         been vital in getting the best out of her. 

  • Being of Mauritian heritage, I speak almost-fluent French Creole and French. I learnt German at school (getting a grade A* at GCSE) and        have a good grasp of Spanish. 

  • I'm very well-travelled and have backpacked alone across six continents. Experiences include avoiding head-hunters in the Borneo jungle        to meet an orang-utan and sleeping rough in Central Australia. 

  • When not working on a project, I soak up interesting stories like a sponge, hoping that one day they'll make the next big doc! 

Filming monarchist, Anita Atkinson, who camped outside Westminster Abbey for the Royal Wedding of HRH Prince WIlliam to Kate Middleton in 2011 for 'The Unofficial Royal Wedding' for Channel 4 (1x50', Back2Back Productions). 

The night before, I chanced upon the activist Barbara Tucker, camped out in Parliament Square and shot a short piece with her on what she thought of the upcoming nuptials. I went to my hotel in Bloomsbury to charge some camera batteries in the very early hours of the morning, napped for two hours, and was back out with Anita at around 5.30am. 

I captured fantastic footage of WIlliam, Kate and other members of the Royal Family leaving Westminster Abbey in their carriages. This footage is used in the closing credits of our programme. I was offered a case of champagne by the lovely Executive Producer for saving the production company untold thousands of pounds for not having to buy in archive footage, but I politely refused; I was just doing a job I felt privileged to have been part of.